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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cardboard?

Is your guinea pig eating cardboard and don't know if this is good for it or whether it is a habit that could put your pet at risk? Find your answer here.

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5 Of The World's Rudest Animals

Who do you think are the rudest animals? Here's our list of 5 of the world's rudest animals. These are far from being well-behaved and most are absolute jerks.

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World's Biggest Hamster Breed

Curious to find out which is the world's biggest hamster breed? That and several interesting facts about the largest species of hamsters in this article.

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Dust Bath For Hamsters: Good Or Bad?

Are dust baths good or bad for hamsters? Read the full article to find out the dangers you are exposing your hamster to when giving him a dust bath and how to avoid them.

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