5 Of The World's Rudest Animals

Who do you think are the rudest animals? Here's our list of 5 of the world's rudest animals. These are far from being well-behaved and most are absolute jerks.

Animals cannot speak and express their feelings through words. Yet, we can many times make an idea of their personalities by analyzing their habits and routines.

Although we are far from fully understanding the reasons behind some of their actions, we can still acknowledge that not all animals are so well-behaved. Some show inadequate behavior towards their peers, humans, and creatures from other species.

We don't know how their companions or other animals feel about these practices, but if we judge them by our moral principles, some of these beings would be considered rude or total jerks.

No doubt that many of you will be surprised that we have included animals that supposedly are nice and friendly on the naughty list. However, they are in fact a clear proof that appearances can be deceptive.

Word's Rudest Animals

We have made a list of animals that in our opinion are the rudest due to certain traits in their behavior and nasty habits. When creating this list, we also took into account the opinions expressed publicly by some individuals on various social networks and forums.


1. Otters

Wait, aren't otters just adorable little angels that make great pets?

Not even close! Otters are in fact some of the rudest animals in the world due to a combination of wicked and psychopathic habits.

Many share these thoughts about otters, as there are dozens of articles and posts on social networks and on various websites stating that otters are some of the biggest jerks of the animal kingdom.

Among others, otters are accused of:

  • Violence and aggression towards females.
  • Brutal interspecies forced copulation.
  • The cruel killing of other species of animals.
  • Necrophilia.

Therefore, otters are living proof that appearances are deceiving. Although these animals are seemingly harmless and extremely cute, they are actually little devils, rude, and compete for the title of the biggest jerks of the animal world.


2. Chimpanzees

Chimps are some, if not the most intelligent animals. However, this is not the only area in which these animals excel. In addition to great intelligence, many times, they also show extremely rude behaviors.

After all, we shouldn't be too surprised, should we? Chimpanzees are considered our closest relatives.

An experiment has shown that chimpanzees can be selfish and manipulative.

More precisely, the test consisted of placing in the reservation of a group of semi-wild chimps a fruit juice machine and a pair of buttons that released the juice. The interesting part was that the buttons were positioned away from the device that delivered the juice. This meant that a single chimp could not press the buttons and drink the juice at the same time.

One of them, however, found a way. This chimp named Bobby managed to utilize other chimpanzees to press the buttons while he drank the juice. He, therefore, got the juice more than a hundred times, without returning the favor.

Other studies have also shown that murder comes naturally to chimpanzees. They often kill other chimps for food and territory.

In Uganda, chimpanzees are also known for kidnapping human babies and for raiding villagers' crops.

So, I think it's already clear by now why we have included chimpanzees in this list. They can be rude and devilish creatures.


3. Gulls

If you think gulls are nice birds, think again. They do quite a lot of shady things and are rude animals.

Gulls are oftentimes seen as aggressive and determined birds. It is no longer uncommon for these birds to steal food directly from humans' hands.

Don't think gulls are that bad? Then ask the man who once was banned from a B.C. hotel after a group of seagulls entered his room through an open window while he was away, ate his pepperoni, and torn everything apart.

However, stealing people's food is not the only sin of gulls. They are also gruesome predators.

Wildlife researchers have noticed that seagulls have developed a sick habit of eating the eyeballs of live seal pups

When parents go hunting, the babies remain unprotected. The seagulls then take advantage of these moments and attack the seal pups, starting by biting their eyes. This often leads to blinding, and once the baby seal is completely defenseless, other gulls join the feast and start snapping the seal’s exposed areas, such as the underbelly and genitals.

Other gulls have developed a passion for eating seal feces along with the parasitic hookworms in it. However, impatient by nature, gulls don't always wait for the seals to poop, so they started to bit them by their butts. Their bites produce gouges that sometimes lead to severe infections.

So, do you still believe that gulls are adorable and innocent birds?


4. Meerkats

Meerkats or suricates are small mongooses that live in southern Africa. Although these animals seem harmless and kind, they have a dark side not known by many.

Researches show that although meerkats are sociable group animals, pregnant females become ruthless baby-killers. Thus, when a meerkat female gets pregnant, she will try to kill the offsprings of others. And she often succeeds.

Meerkat females also show cabalistic behavior as oftentimes, they eat newborn babies.

The dominant meerkat females also attack their subordinate females when they become pregnant, forcing them to leave the group before their own pups are born. These violent actions have a profound stressful impact on the expelled females, reducing their chance of getting pregnant in the future.

Therefore, these violent and cannibalistic traits led us to include meerkats in the list of the world's most rude animals.


5. Cuckoos

Yes, more birds on our list.

Cuckoos are other rude beings and brood parasites. They lay eggs into other birds’ nests and trick them into raising their chicks as their own.

When the cuckoo chicks hatch, they oftentimes push out the host's eggs out of the nest to gain more space and food for themselves. Other times, they just grow alongside the host's chicks. Occasionally, more cuckoos parasite the same host and lay eggs in the same nest.

There are species of birds that figure out that the cuckoos' eggs are not theirs and eject them from the nest.

Cuckoos never raise their own chicks. It's more convenient for them to lay eggs in other nests and have their chicks raised by other birds. Way less effort that way.

Therefore, these behaviors have secured cuckoos a place in the list of the most outrageous animals in the world.

Final Word

In our opinion, these are potentially the rudest animals in the world. Of course, there are many others that could have been included in this list.

Next time your cat destroys your Christmas tree or your dog makes a mess, remember that there are way more rude animals out there.