Goats With Beards: Photos Of Bearded Stylish Goats

Looking for goats with beards? Here are several photos of bearded goats and their unique styles. Some truly have enviable beards.

Goats are known for their stubbornness, curiosity, intelligence, but also for their beards. Their tufts of hair under their chins have even inspired the goatee beards style, which is viewed by many men as an "old but gold" trend of facial hair. There is even a plant called "goat's beard" due to its clusters of hairy fruits.

It is interesting to know that not only the billy goats can grow a beard. Although beards are more frequent amongst males, does can grow them too. So a beard is not necessarily a distinctive element between males and females.

Billy goats' beards are usually larger and thicker than does' beards. Thus, for those who have some experience with goats, it is not impossible to recognize the gender of an animal just by analyzing its beard.

Another striking fact is that not all species of goats have beards. Sometimes this can even vary between two goats of the same species. One might have a beard, while the other not.

The truth is that the role of the beard in goats is not really known. Perhaps it's a trait inherited from wild goat species, which used to live in harsh mountainous areas, and their beards served to better insulate their face.

Or maybe it has a role in attracting a mating partner. A great beard might mean that a buck is more potent, or a doe is more fertile. We don't really know. The only thing we know for sure is that some goats have awesome beards that can even make some men jealous.

Not all goat beards look the same. Some have longer or shorter beards, others bushier, and some species have beards that look more like a lion's mane.

Goats With Beards

Enough with the talking. Let's see a few photos of some of the coolest goat beards.

The Beard Of The Wise

It is said that the beard makes men look wiser. I would say that this is also the case of Pygmy UK goats.

Although not all specimens of this breed have a beard, those that have one look very knowledgeable. In fact, if one of these goats took part in a casting for the role of a wise man in a movie, I'm sure it would get the role.

The Imposing Beard

If you're looking for a goat breed that can wear a beard with pride, look no further as markhor is one of the most majestic species.

The markhor usually has a long beard that often joins with the rest of its long coat, forming a lion-like mane that gives the animal a very imposing look.

They do not only impress with their beards but also with their large and twisted horns. Unfortunately, this makes them very desirable among trophy hunters and has brought them to a point of near extinction in some areas.

Markhor Capra Falconeri
Rufus46CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Perfect Beard

Saanen Goat
TeunieCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Isn't this one of the most perfect beards you've ever seen?

Surely many men are envious of this goat and its fluffy white beard that almost reaches perfection. I am very curious about what grooming products this goat uses to have such a beautiful beard.

The Well-Maintained Beard

Toggenburg Goat
Just chaosCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Not too bushy, but a well-maintained beard. 

Some men spend too much time when it comes to grooming their beards. This seems to come naturally to some species of goats who have natural beards that look very well-maintained. So it is the case of the Toggenburg goat in the image above.

The Long Beard

Goat With Long Beard
Goat with a long beard

Some say that the longer the beard, the more wise and dignified the man is. Could this also be accurate in the case of goats? I guess we'll never know.

So are you someone who prefers long beards? Some goats like them as well and look very stylish.

The Bushy Beard

Bushy Beard

While some prefer short beards that do not stand out much, others choose bushy and thick beards like the goat in the picture above.

The Teenager's Beard

Goat Rare Beard

Remember the teenager's days when many of us aspired to grow a beard but we'd only succeed to grow a few hairs? That's what also happens to some goats. Thus, not all of them have beautiful beards. Some, especially the does, are left with only a few embarrassing hairs that hang from under the chin.

The Cool Beard

Goat With Cool Beard

We all have a friend with a gorgeous beard that everyone envies. You know, that gorgeous beard that gets all the compliments.

The No Beard

Boer Goat No Beard

And finally, the guys who can't grow a beard no matter how hard they try. After all, how your beard grows is mainly determined by your genetics and this is also applicable to goats. While some possess amazing beards, some never manage to grow one.

Final Word

It is not known exactly what the role of the beard in goats is and why some grow them and others do not. What is certain is that some goats have really cool beards.

I hope that these pictures of goats with beards cheered you up and brighten your day a little.