Pigs Gestation Calculator (Sows & Gilts)

Pigs Gestation Calculator (Sows & Gilts)
Are you looking for a gestation calculator for pigs? Use our free app and quickly and effortlessly calculate the due date of your pregnant gilts and sows.


Why Use A Gestation Calculator?

We all acknowledge how challenging and time-consuming can be to count the days gone until the due date of our pregnant pigs. Rather than taking a calendar and begin counting the days left, you should utilize our calculator. This app will help you to quickly determine the expected birth date of the piglets based on the scientifically known evidence about the gilt/sow gestation period.

How To Use The Calculator

  1. Insert your sow's or gilt's breeding date using the calendar that appears when you click inside the input form (valid format MM/DD/YYYY).
  2. Hit "Calculate Due Date" and see the result at the top of the page.

The calculator will estimate the due date using the known pregnancy period of pigs beginning from the date you enter. Next, you should receive:

  • An estimated due date determined using the average gestation period of pigs.
  • The days left until the due date starting from today.
  • A predicted date range using a minimum pregnancy and a maximum period. 

After you get the potential due date, you can save it to your Google Calendar for future reference, or you can send it to your email address or to someone else's.

You can access this calculator whenever you want to count how many days are left till the estimated due date (as long as you remember the breeding date of your sow/gilt).

Pig Breeds

Most pig breeds have a similar gestation period, or with very little deviation from the normal average.

You can utilize the calculator for each of the next pig breeds, but not limited to:

Pig Breeds
Large white pig
Miniature pig
Vietnamese Pot-bellied
Chester White
Gloucestershire Old Spots
Poland China
American Yorkshire
Danish Landrace
Red Wattle hog
British Saddleback
Guinea hog
Ossabaw Island hog
Middle White
American Landrace
Black Iberian pig
Oxford Sandy and Black
Essex pig


More Info On Pigs Gestation

Gestation in pigs lasts on average 114 days with easy variations. 

A young female pig who has never had any offsprings is usually called a gilt. On the other hand, a female that already gave birth to piglets at a certain point in her life is called a sow.

A gilt is regularly bred for the first time at an age between six and nine months to avoid potential pregnancy complications.

While the calculated expected due date signifies a general average of the gestation period of pigs, the actual due date will most likely happen somewhere in the date range calculated additionally.

To be able to estimate the piglets' delivery date as precisely as possible it is essential to have a precise record of the day when the female first had the meeting with the boar.

Moreover, it is possible for the gilt/sow to not get pregnant after the first contact with the male. In this case, you must observe if the first signs of pregnancy arise.

Visit this page any time you need to calculate the due date for your pregnant pigs. Also, don't forget to share this calculator with other swine owners to make their pig breeding period easier.