Gestation Calculator For Goats

Gestation Calculator For Goats
Are you looking for a gestation calculator for goats? Use our free app and quickly and effortlessly calculate the due date of your goats.


Why Use A Gestation Calculator?

We all know how challenging can be to keep track of the days left until the due date of our pregnant goats. Instead of grabbing a calendar and start counting the days every time, you can use our free app. This calculator will help you to quickly and effortlessly calculate the expected kidding time based on scientifically known data about the goats' gestation period.

How To Use The Calculator

  1. Select the breeding date using the calendar that appears when you click inside the form (accepted format Month/Day/Year).
  2. Click on the "Calculate Due Date" button to get the result.

The app will calculate the due date based on the known gestation period of goats starting from the date you provide. You will receive the following info:

  • An estimated date calculated based on the average pregnancy period of goats.
  • The number of days left from today until the doe will give birth.
  • A date range calculated using a period between what is considered a fast and late gestation.

After you receive the result, you can choose to mark this date in Google Calendar for future reference, or you can send it to your email address or to another person with just a few clicks.

Keep in mind that you can return any time to this page to see how many days are left until the big day as long as you remember your goats' breed date.

Goat Breeds

Most breeds of goats raised on farms have a similar gestation period, or with very little variation from the average. Therefore, you can use the calculator for any of the following common goat breeds and more:

Goat Breeds
Fainting goats
Nigerian dwarf
Black Bengal

More Info On Goats Gestation

Gestation in goats lasts on average 150 days with variations between 143 and 157 days, depending on the breed, the age of the mother and the date of the first kidding, the number and gender of the kids, nutrition, and so on.

While the estimated date represents a general average of the gestation period in goats, the actual due date will most likely occur somewhere in the time interval calculated with it.

Unfortunately, there are also many pregnancies where complications occur. For instance, if a pregnant doe does not give birth in a maximum of 158 days from insemination, you should contact a veterinarian.

There is also the possibility for a goat to give birth before its due date. The abortion rate in goat herds is somewhere between 2% and 5%.

In order to determine the date as accurately as possible for your goat's kidding day, it is essential to have a clear recording of the day when it was first exposed to the buck.

Moreover, it is possible that the doe does not get pregnant after the first contact with the male. In this case, you must watch carefully if the first signs of pregnancy appear.

Goat Pregnancy Signs

1. Not going back into heat

The earliest sign to look for if a goat is pregnant or not is whether it gets back into heat after contact with the buck. Normally, a doe that is not pregnant will go back into heat the next cycle and show interest in mating again. The heat cycle period of does can vary from one doe to another. Typically, this can be anywhere from 17 to 25 days.

Hence, if the doe does not get back into heat after that period, it might be the earliest pregnancy sign.

2. Increased aggression

Another possible gestation signs on goats are when the doe becomes more aggressive towards other goats. Hence, if you notice signs of aggression from the possible pregnant female when she is around other animals, accompanied by other symptoms, she may be indeed pregnant.

3. Getting fatter

This is not really an early pregnancy sign, but one that will become more obvious when the due date gets closer. At the same time, you have to know very well the doe in order to identify a possible gestation. When pregnant, some does will become visibly fatter, while some for others will be hard to tell they are pregnant even when in an advanced stage.

4. Decreased milk production/udder grows

If you raise goats for dairy making and the doe is already giving milk, then you will often be able to notice a decrease in milk production after several weeks after the female gets pregnant.

In the case of a young goat that has never had kids, we can see about 3-4 weeks before the date of birth how her udder grows.

5. You can feel the kids movement

This is one of the signs that only appear in pregnancy at an advanced stage. Many times when the due dates are approaching, you can feel the kids' movements when you touch the right side of the goat's abdomen.

Final Word

Now, you know how to identify the gravidity signs in goats, and you have this powerful tool at your disposal every time you need to calculate the due date of the kids.

Don't forget to add a bookmark to this goats pregnancy calculator as you might need it again the next time your does get pregnant or every time you want to check out how many days are left until the delivery day.

Also, don't forget to share this calculator with other goat owners and breeders to make their life easier.