Gestation Calculator For Cows

Gestation Calculator For Cows
Are you looking for a gestation calculator for cows? Use our free app and quickly and effortlessly calculate the due date of your pregnant cattle.


Why Use A Gestation Calculator?

We all know how hard and time-consuming can be to determine the days left until the due date of our pregnant cows. Instead of taking a calendar and begin counting the days left every time, you can use our free app. This calculator will help you to instantly calculate the expected calving time based on scientifically known data about the cows' gestation period.

How To Use The Calculator

  1. Enter the breeding date with the help of the calendar that pops up when you click inside the date form (accepted format MM/DD/YYYY).
  2. Next, just hit the "Calculate Due Date" button and receive the result.

The app will calculate the due date based on the known pregnancy period of cows beginning from the date you choose. You will get the following:

  • An expected date calculated based on the average gestation period of cows.
  • The number of days left until the due date from today.
  • An interval of days estimated using a period between what is considered a quick and slow gestation.

After you obtain the results, you can easily add this date to your Google Calendar, or you can send it to your email address or to someone else's.

You can return any time to this calculator to check how many days are left until the due date as long as you remember your cows' breeding date.

Cow Breeds

Most cow breeds have a comparable gestation period, or with very little deviation from the typical average. For those where has been demonstrated by certain scientific studies that this average fluctuates too much under or above the average, you can select the breed of cow individually for more accurate results.

You can use the calculator for any of the following cow breeds, but not limited to:

Cow Breeds
Holstein Friesian
Texas Longhorn
Galloway cattle
Jersey cattle
Red Angus
Belted Galloway
Charolais cattle
Limousin cattle
North Devon
British White
Highland cattle

More Info On Cows Gestation

Gestation in cows lasts on average  280 days with variations between 279 and 287 days. However, there are some breeds when the average gestation period varies quite significantly under or above the general average.

While the expected date signifies a general average of the gestation period in cows, the actual due date will most likely occur around the time range calculated additionally.

In order to estimate the date as accurately as possible for your cow's calving day, it is necessary to have a clear record of the day when it was first presented to the bull.

Furthermore, it is possible that the cow does not get pregnant after the first connection with the male. In this case, you must carefully observe if the first manifestations of pregnancy occur. Learn more about this topic from our cow gestation guide.

Come back to this page whenever you need to calculate the calving date for your cattle (you should probably save it to your bookmarks to find it easily). Also, don't forget to share this calculator with other cow owners to make their life easier.