Gestation Calculator For Cats

Gestation Calculator For Cats
Are you looking for a gestation calculator for cats? Use our free app and quickly and effortlessly calculate the due date of your pregnant feline.


Why Use A Gestation Calculator?

We all know how difficult and time-consuming can be to estimate the days left until the due date of our pregnant cats. Instead of taking a calendar and start adding the days left, you can use our app. This calculator will assist you to immediately calculate the expected birth date based on scientifically known info about the cats' gestation period.

How To Use The Calculator

  1. Enter your cat's breeding date using the calendar that pops up when you click inside the form (accepted format MM/DD/YYYY).
  2. Click the "Calculate Due Date" button and look for the result.

The calculator will determine the due date based on the known pregnancy period of cats starting from the date you select. Next, you should see the following:

  • An estimated due date calculated based on the average gestation period of cats.
  • The days left until the due date starting from today.
  • An estimated date range of a minimum pregnancy period and the maximum.

After you receive the possible due date, you can easily add it to your Google Calendar for further reference, or you can effortlessly send it to your email address or to someone else's.

You can come back any time to this calculator when you want to check how many days are left until the scheduled date (as long as you remember the breeding date of your cat).

Cat Breeds

Most cat breeds have a similar gestation period, or with very little difference from the common average.

You can use the calculator for any of the following cat breeds, but not limited to:

Cat Breeds
British Shorthair
Maine Coon
American Shorthair
Sphynx cat
Scottish Fold
Exotic Shorthair
Russian Blue
Burmese cat
Norwegian Forest cat
Japanese Bobtail
Siberian cat
Devon Rex
Manx cat
Turkish Angora
Egyptian Mau


More Info On Cats Gestation

Gestation in cats lasts on average between 63-65 days with variations between 61 and 72 days. However, there might be some when the gestation period can be under or above this general average.

While the estimated date signifies a general average of the gestation period of cats, the actual due date will most likely occur between time interval calculated additionally.

In order to estimate the date as accurately as possible for your feline's due day, it is necessary to have a clear record of the day when it first had contact with the male.

Moreover, it is possible that the cat does not get pregnant after the first contact with the male. In this case, you must carefully observe if the first pregnancy signs appear.

Visit this page whenever you need to calculate the due date for your pregnant felines. Also, don't forget to share this calculator with other cat owners to make their life easier.